May 2010

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eagle_388Some of you may have noticed a new sculpture at the Somersett East Park, and if you haven't you should!  This Golden Eagle sculpture is a beautiful addition to the park and is 25 feet tall and is constructed from both new and recycled materials.  The artist, Bryan Tedrik holds a BFA in sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute. His artwork is featured in many public and private art collections. “The process of creating the piece was entirely spontaneous and a result of harmonious balance, both physically and visually. The most challenging part was creating the tail. It was worked and reworked until the balance was perfectly centered over the bearing,” said Tedrick.  Somersett residents can often see a pair of Golden Eagles soaring…
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 You probbaly have heard about the approximate 500 earthquakes that hit the Somersett Mogul area just west of Reno. They started in February and ended in May, they were very unsettling to have lived through. Most of the quakes were a magnitude 1 or 2 but on April 25, 2008 there was a 4.7 that hit at 11:40. We had a lot of broken glass and pictures that fell off the wall.

We ended up with about $1000 worth of cosmetic damage to sheetrock and corner beadings. The good thing that came out of this is when Im showing houses in the Somersett area you can see that these homes have been through some serious seismic activity and the majority of the homes have faired very well. Check out the links below for more information on the quakes.


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 Let's hope the weather cooperates for us to enjoy a day by the   pool. One of the central draws of Somersett and the world class amenities is the pool complex. I don't know of a better facility for the kids or adults.

The kids have a mini water park adults can enjoy a quiet swim in the lap pool. There is also a snack bar poolside.

Here are just a few of the happenings this year at the pool.


Group Lessons

Swim ChallengePrivate LessonsParent/Toddler Swim

Pool Parties

Memorial Day Bash

Adult Water Fitness

and more....

For more information on the Somersett Pool including the hours of operation CLICK HERE. 

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